We think that the cursor collections themselves will not be enough… So here’s a selection of custom cursors from our team, with a special mood, and a nice vibe…

animated cursors collection

Animated Cursors

Feel the difference and touch a new reality with our unique animated cursors set.

bad guys cursor collection

Bad Guys

They're good at being bad guys. Cursors with antagonists, antiheroes and just our dear villains!

batman day cursor collection

Batman Day

Grab your belt with batarangs, coz today we'll be defending Gotham City with the Dark Knight!

black aesthetic cursor collection

Black Aesthetic

There is potential in black aesthetic custom cursor, a secret that you want to reveal.

blue aesthetic cursor collection

Blue Aesthetic

Transparent sky, fresh air and children's toys in blue aesthetic mouse cursor!

brown aesthetic collection

Brown Aesthetic

Embrace earthy elegance and warm neutrals

cats vs dogs cursors collection

Cats vs. Dogs

The battle of whiskers and tails is on - where do you stand?

enchanted clicks cursors collection

Enchanted Clicks

Where every click is a spell, and every cursor is a magical masterpiece!

green aesthetic cursors collection

Green Aesthetic

A feeling of happiness and youth, spring and nature walks in green aesthetic custom cursors!

grey aesthetic cursors collection

Grey Aesthetic

Grey whisperers, monochromatic marvels, silver lining, glimmers of elegance...

halloween cursor collection


It's Halloween, everyone is entitled to one good scare... and at least one scary cursor!

helper cursors collection


Unleash the power of your favorite sidekicks with every click!

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