mix cursors collection

What would happen if you take a bottle of rainbow magic potion, add die-hard Ukrainian spirit, and season it all with mathematical formulas in awesome mouse cursors shells? Yes, you’re right – you’ll get unique cursors for Chrome set. But how is that even possible – you may think. Let me be your guide in this challenging custom project.
One day, our crew got a brilliant idea inspired by Ukrainian brave resistance in this terrible war and created a couple of awesome free mouse cursors. However, this amount was not enough for the full-fledged cursors collection, but our wish to share it with you was stronger. Thus we started to look for a way out. Furthermore, sometimes our designers are so absorbed in work, that can produce a kind of side product (cursor items), which looks amazing, but barely belong to the main theme. So, these units replenished this collection of cool mouse cursors.
We’re planning to develop this Mix cursors collection, so in the future, you may find many exciting and controversial elements here. Of course, some...

Mix Cursors