cartoons cursors collection

Comedic elements of favorite cartoon characters are inspiring! All “emotional” information is conveyed to viewers through vivid pictures and sound effects. Welcome to the world of animated series!
Continuing the cult of popular animation fame, we have created a collection of cartoon custom cursors.
Many people think that the target audience for cartoons is children and adolescents. With the custom cursor for chrome collection we want to prove that they are wrong. The heroes of your favorite TV series are endowed with personal qualities, character and evoke sympathy from older viewers, making them worry about the characters.
For example, Tom and Jerry has seven Academy Awards. Incidentally, none of the animation duos or solo cartoon characters have received so many Academy Awards. The cartoon cursor collection will tell you about the irreconcilable, but even more comical enmity between the cat and the mouse. Find eternal confrontation in Tom and Jerry cursor style.
In Frozen Elza Snowflake cool cursor the fear of the magical ability to control snow and ice lurks.
Scooby-Doo returns in Scooby Doo...

Cartoons Cursors